Frequently Asked Questions

What style of training will I be doing? What’s your style or training ideology?
At Original Workout we adhere to an ancestral health ideology. We are all about strength, conditioning, movement, nutrition, and recovery with a strong focus put on form and technique. The ancestral health model given to us by our hunter gatherer predecessors is the blueprint we follow and instruct while utilizing all the best that current training and nutrition science has to offer. We believe in using all the tools in the tool box.  For most, the desire is a lean, strong athletic physique free of unwanted bodyfat, and the ability to thrive in our day to day environment. Our workouts help build “real-world” strength with a healthy dose of conditioning to strike a balance between these two disciplines. We are relentless self-experimenters; We never stop in our quest to find the very best ways to help you achieve your unique genetic potential.

We prescribe and recommend the following for all clients:

  • Sustained Movement (Walking, running, biking, rowing, hiking etc.)
  • Lifting heavy things (strength training, weight lifting, circuit training, interval weight training (IWT))
  • Fight or Flight protocols (Sprinting, sled work, heavy bag, Sledgehammer work, jumping, crawling, climbing, hard rowing, etc.)
  • Nutrition (Primal, Ketogenic, Paleo, or any ancestral health eating protocol that encourages subsisting on healthy fats, meats and eggs, green vegetables, occasional in-season fruits, and occasional roots and tubers, while avoiding sugars, processed Neolithic foods, gluten, grains, wheats, and seed oils). Our lean, fit, disease-free ancestors were fat burners with extreme metabolic flexibility. There will be nutrition information available to you on the site, but specific, custom nutrition protocols are offered as an additional service. Let your trainer know if you want nutritional support added to your membership.
  • Sleep (eliminating unnecessary blue light stimulation after dusk and resetting your circadian rhythm.)
  • Play, and reduction of stress. (Our ancestors enjoyed life, avoided stress, spent time with family, napped, played, socialized, and laughed. This is all part of the recovery cycle.)

Your workouts will be a combination of Strength training, metabolic training, and sustained movement. These workouts will generally come in the form of circuits workouts or Interval weight training workouts typically programmed in one of three types; Full-body workouts or split workouts. Split workouts are often “split” up into two days with day one focusing on lower body and smaller arm muscles such as shoulders, triceps, or biceps, (or all three). Day two will generally be a “push / pull” workout, working the larger muscles of the upper body (back group, chest group, etc.) Most days will have an abdominal/ core element as well with high intensity metabolic periods sprinkled in. Most of our workouts can be completed in 30 to 45 minutes, some even less. It’s about brief, intense, and efficient workouts. Many of the workouts you receive will have Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced options. You will be given a recommended level by your trainer but always have the freedom to do one of the other workout levels if you desire.

How do I get my workouts?
You will have all workouts loaded onto your personal Dashboard each week. There will be an option for each day. For example, Monday will generally be a strength & conditioning workout, Tuesday may be Sustained movement (cardio), Wednesday another new Strength & Conditioning workout, and Thursday Sustained Movement. Friday may be a Fight or Flight Protocol (Metabolic conditioning or HIIT workout). Saturday, you may be given the option to do a “Bonus” workout, or simply rest and recover. Sundays are usually rest days and might include some great recovery tips or fitness & nutrition “Hacks” to help you become the best you can be at negotiating life.  Obviously, if your schedule forces you to adhere to a different workout schedule than prescribed, you can alter the days on your Dashboard to suit your schedule. And, there will always be the ability to ask your trainer questions via text, or email whenever needed. You can also choose to share comments or information to the community of members or keep your comments between you and your trainer. Remember, feedback is critical to success. Always let your trainer know how you did!
Are there contracts?
NO! You will never be enslaved by a contract. Owner and trainer Rob Goodwin spent many years at the highest levels of the large “Big Box” gym and Health Club industry. His vow was to never conduct business in that way again. When Original Workout was founded, his mission statement was to always focus on the client’s goals and results, with no pressure of contracts or commitments… We hate that crap too. With Original Workout Online, as with our physical gym, you can cancel anytime by emailing your trainer or our billing department. Your monthly investment will be stopped with no questions asked. We never want you to be concerned with the business end of our relationship, we only want you to focus hard on your goals!
What if I train at home, and lack the equipment required to do some of the exercises?
We do our very best to give alternatives for many of the exercises given. Nearly all the workouts prescribed utilize simple dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, bodyweight, or suspension (TRX) straps. Your trainer can always give you an alternative exercise when lack of gear hinders you. Conversely, we will have a simple list of what we feel would be the minimum necessary investment for your home gym set up and can give you custom recommendation around your space, lifestyle, and budget. Some of our best workouts only require a couple pairs of dumbbells and a 4’ x 6’ space.
What if I have unique or specific needs or goals beyond the workouts prescribed?
For a specific demographic of people out there, there may be a more custom approach required. For special populations, unique sports-specific needs, physique competition, etc., or just to have the very best truly one on one relationship with your trainer, you may consider upgrading to our 100% Custom option. While a greater investment, you will be getting custom programming unique to you and your individual goals. Contact us today if you have specific questions regarding the 100% Custom Option.

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